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Why Your Home Could Be the Perfect Backdrop for Your Family Session from a Columbus Family Photographer

When it comes to planning your family session it is very important to consider location. While you may feel doing your family session in your home could be stressful and scary I would love to help you consider the benefits. There are benefits to having family sessions at your home and can be a great choice for the whole family. This means you do not have to go crazy and clean your entire house. I promise I will not be walking around inspecting your home based on cleanliness. We only need one room for this session. Some families choose their living room, master bedroom or even their child’s room/nursery. The best room for your family session is going to be a room with at least one window for clean natural light.

Your home is where you feel the most comfortable! So, think about the comfort your home has to offer during your family session. Think about the confidence your home could bring to the family session knowing that you and your family are comfortable in your home. You do not have to stress about getting the kids loaded into the car and making sure they don’t get anything on their outfits. You can wait until the very last minute to put their outfit on to ensure they do not get messy in their picture-perfect outfit. Another added benefit is outfit changes! You do not have to worry about packing a bag and redressing the whole family in a small bathroom or maybe even in the car. You can now do so in the comfort of your home. Plus, at your own house your children have their toys and favorite things directly in reach. This may make them more willing to smile and may be easier on them!

As a Columbus Family Photographer I strive to ensure that all of your photos are special and meaningful to you. Think about how special and memorable this may be. Having pictures in your own home will allow you to see the changes your house has endured over the years. A child’s room changes as they grow and how special would that be to capture not only the newborn room but also capture your 8-year-olds room and all of the changes that has taken place inside those 4 little walls. Or maybe your home went through a remodel, and you scheduled family pictures before the remodel! There are so many changes that take place within not only a family but also a home and that is so special. So, allow me to capture all of the changes for you. Also, I think your home is the most meaningful place to have pictures. All of those memories within the walls of your home can now be portrayed through your family photos.

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