Toledo Ohio Wedding | Hanah & Mike

Hanah and Mike had their ceremony at St. John 23 in Perrysburg Ohio. They wrote their own vows. I love the concept of reading your private vows to one another. Your spouse gets to hear in your own words how you truly feel about them. There is something so special about that. It can also be done in many different ways. Some couples choose to do private vows just the two of them, some do their vows while doing a first touch to ease the nerves, some couples do their vows with immediate family, some read their vows while they are getting ready, and some do it at the altar for all of their family and friends to hear.

Hanah and Mike decided they wanted to do a little travel for their pictures. We went to a nearby park called Wildwood Metropark, in Toledo Ohio. This park was stunning and was the perfect setting for their pictures. Would you believe me if I told you it was hot and humid during the wedding party, bride portraits, and groom portraits? Well, it was and this group was phenomenal during these weather conditions. They all pushed through and of course, we got these stunning pictures for Hanah and Mike to cherish for the rest of their lives.

This beautiful bride and groom had their reception at Parkway Place. Parkway Place was the perfect place for friends and family to celebrate the lovely couple. There was a dance floor and lots of space for their guests to mix and mingle. Their reception was beautiful and very fitting for these two. My favorite part of their reception was when Hanah’s dad surprised her with a Persian dance where relatives threw decorated dollar bills at the couple. I can’t forget the yummiest part of the party! Hanah and Mike did not only provide cake for guests but they also provided ice cream! Mayberry Ice Cream on Wheels to be exact. Let me tell you their guests loved this idea and they got to pick out which flavor they wanted. I tried some because ice cream is my favorite and I can tell you it was delicious.

Every moment of Hanah and Mike’s wedding was just beautiful. They are a beautiful couple and had a gorgeous wedding day! Due to the time this blog is going up, I am able to add something exciting to this blog. Hanah and Mike are expecting a little one due in May of 2024! I am so happy for them and I wish them a blessed future as a family of 3.