Bushnell Event Center | Kaitlin & Jacob

Jacob and Kaitlin had a beautiful wedding at the Bushnell Event Center in downtown Springfield. The Bushnell Building was built in three stages in 1893, 1903 and 1939. The building continues to be renovated internally to meet tenant needs. The Bushnell Building remains of the most impressive original structures to flank the city’s central square. I love when a venue has rich history like this! It adds a special characteristic to the couple’s big day! Plus, now Jacob and Kaitlin can say they are apart of that history!

Jacob and Kaitlin did a first touch. When most couples think about a first touch, a lot of times you think it needs to be around a corner. This way you will not see each other, but if you trust me, I promise you wont’s see one another, and you will get the opportunity to stand back-to-back. This may offer more comfort for you and your spouse. Plus, you get some great pictures this way. A first touch can be whatever you want it to be but with me as your photographer I am always up for a challenge to see how creative we can get. 

Now, I would love to share with you Jacob and Kaitlin’s unity ceremony. I know you have heard of a unity ceremony and if you haven’t well let me explain. A unity ceremony is a symbolic ritual that is incorporated into your wedding day. These ceremonies consist of handfasting, circling, tying of the three strands and the unity candle. Those seem to be the more popular ceremonies. All of these unity ceremonies are to represent the union of the marriage. Jacob and Kaitlin decided to do a unity shot at their wedding! Yes, you heard me, a shot of liquor. How cool is that? A unity ceremony is for you and you spouse to decided and that means you can also get as creative as you want with it too! 

I would love to highlight Jacob’s suit for you all as well. It is so nice to see people try something new. I know traditions are traditions but sometimes when we question the status quo or push those traditional boundaries we may find that we have a new trend. Anyway, Jacob’s suit was not your typical all one color suit. Nope! His suit has these interesting little details that draws your eye right to it! This was a very unique idea and I love it! Now, of course he didn’t steal the spotlight from the bride but I think this was an awesome way to incorporate his own personal little touch! Jacob looked awesome in his uniquely detailed suit!

I know you have heard of reception entrances but not like Jacob and Kaitlins wedding reception entrances. These were the coolest entrances I have ever seen. Jacob and Kaitlin decided they wanted to have a contest amongst their wedding party when it came to the wedding party entrances. Whoever had the best entrance won a prize and Jacob and Kaitlin were the judges! Everyone loved the dinosaur costumes but the winner was the bridesmaid and groomsman who served the bride and groom shots as well as performed a cute little skit. What an awesome way to get your party thinking and engaged on your wedding day. I’m sure the wedding party felt special! 

Fun fact about Jacob is he is an Ohio State University alumni. When he was attending OSU he played the trumpet in the Ohio State Marching Band. How awesome is that!? As a surprise the DJ called all of the alumni OSU band players up to the dance floor. These OSU alumni band members performed a few band chants as well as their alma mater! I thought this was a great way to incorporate a personal touch for Jacob on his wedding day.  

This wedding was most definitely a fun and spontaneous wedding! There were surprises, awards, and love coming from everyone. Jacob and Kaitlin had a beautiful day and you can tell that all of their guests enjoyed their big day with them as well. Oh, I can’t forget about the cake! Jacob and Kaitlin did so many things for the wedding on their own. So as most would say they did a lot of DIY! I just have to share that the lovely couple made their own cake! They truly are a perfect match and their day could not have been better! Congratulations to Jacob and Kaitlin! May the rest of your lives be filled with spontaneous adventures. 

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