The Loft at Peck’s Hall | Abigail and Jeffrey

Aside from the obvious bride and groom, there was another star at this event; the venue. The historic downtown loft is full of character and light. The main hall’s brick and wood floors were a gorgeous setting for their special day. When choosing a venue, it’s important to think about the other amenities that are important to you, like a bridal suite. If “getting ready” photos are a part of your wish list, you’ll want to consider the space where you plan on spending that part of your day. Peck’s Hall’s bridal suite was perfect for Abigail’s bridal party, it was bright, white, and oh so welcoming. The lighting was just right as I snapped my favorite shot of Abigail’s mom helping her into her wedding gown.

Timing was on our side, even though the weather forecast for the day was not! Because the couple decided to do a first look, we were able to get all of their bridal party, and their bride and groom portraits completed outdoors before the skies opened up and rained the entire rest of the evening.

After a heartfelt ceremony, Abigail and Jeffrey shared a central part of their lives with their family and guests by having a worship service. Praises were sung and the entire group came together to lift their voices and hearts to worship. It’s always wonderful to see when a couple makes their wedding day a reflection of their lives, and chooses to create space for these most important moments of thankfulness.

Abigail and her family are small business owners, operating the Remnant coffee shop in Marion. One of their specialties is charcuterie boards, and so it was only fitting that they had an extensive spread at their reception. The guests truly enjoyed the foods and it was a great way to share yet another facet of their lives with their friends and family. As the night continued, the newlyweds enjoyed the company of each of their guests as they celebrated together.

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