Pin High Farm | Rachel and Ryan

Tucked away in the Mad River Valley of Ohio is Pin High Farm, the secluded, hilly area where Rachel and Ryan started their new life together.

First looks aren’t just for brides and their future husbands, Rachel also had one with her father. It was a special time for them to connect before sharing the excitement with all of the other guests. Rachel had thought of everything and gifted Ryan with a personalized leather wallet during their first look. They were so happy to see each other during those first private moments and it made an easy transition into taking their bride and groom portraits. Ryan shared with me that his mother passed away a few years ago, and that their family has always felt her presence when they see butterflies. At one point during their shoot, a butterfly flew right by them and made an appearance in the frame of the portrait. Though none of us noticed it in the moment, when I was editing their photos it jumped right out at me. I was so excited and knew right away that I had to send that shot to Ryan and Rachel. Of course they knew that his mom was a part of their special day, but seeing this physical symbol of her presence there is something they were so delighted to see, and will always treasure.

Couples who plan outdoor weddings in Ohio have to be flexible, and even though the rain decided to join their party, Rachel and Ryan went right along with the backup plan and moved the ceremony inside. Despite the abrupt change in plans, the ceremony was still beautiful, right down to the sparkly blue Tom’s shoes that Rachel wore as she walked down the aisle, and then twirled onto the dance floor with her new husband. Before the night ended, I asked them how they would feel about going outdoors for some pictures in the rain with umbrellas. It’s not the right choice for every couple, for many different reasons, but I was ecstatic that they were up for it, because it made for some of the most epic shots I’ve ever had the chance to capture in my career as a wedding photographer. Sometimes it’s the most unexpected moments that make the best shots, and the most wonderful memories! Congratulations and thanks so much to Rachel and Ryan for being such a fun, easygoing couple, and for letting me be a part of one of the most important days of their life.

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