Five “Unposed” Prompts for your next engagement session

Whether I’m shooting an engagement session or a wedding I have some favorite “unposed” prompts to help get my couples laughing and smiling without being so stiff and posed. These are so fun to do and usually make the couple feel more relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. Having fun at a session is what my photography experience is all about. You can use these and alter them in any way that will best fit your business. It is just all about the idea of prompting rather than just instructing your clients. Read on to seee 5 of my favorite prompts with pictures showcasing them!

1. The Airplane. This one is so cute. You have the guy stand behind the girl and have them put their arms out straight, with the girl’s hands on top. You ask them to pretend to be an airplane, moving from side to side, while they look out into the distance or smile at each other. This can bring back childhood memories as well, I know we all used to pretend to be airplanes.

2. Practice your First Dance. Oh how sweet and genuine is this prompt. During an engagement session I tell them to practice their first dance like they plan to do at their wedding. I usually will turn on a song on my phone and let them just dance, sometimes they decide to do a little twirl or a dip, but I leave that all up to them.

3. Kisses in 10 seconds. This one is one of my favorite intimate prompts but it also can get the girl really laughing. I have them wrap up, belly to belly, and tell the guy I have a challenge for him. I say “ I want you to give her as many kisses as you can in 10 seconds… but not on the lips!” This gives him a chance to be creative, kissing her on the shoulders, neck, cheek, and forehead. I will count down from 10, after I’m done counting I say “ok the last kiss can be on the lips.”

4. Sneak Attack Hug. This one is so much fun. I have the girl stand facing the camera straight on and tell her to smile.,The guy is placed behind her and I secretly tell him to run up to her and give her a hug from behind. I nod my head and then he starts running up to her. Sometimes the guy even picks her up and gives her kisses.

5. Staring contest. This one can give you some serious faces and then at the end a laugh or two. I have them hold hands with each other. I tell them they are going to have a staring contest and the person who loses has to cook dinner! I tell them there are no rules, so tickling and kisses are allowed to make the other person blink.