The Farm at East Port Marnia | Marbella & Scott | Wedding

Marbella and Scott got married in Tennessee at The Farm at East Port Marina. This was a beautiful wedding and I got to travel! I love to travel and I am always open to a new adventure. No state or destination is too far for me! Read more to learn about the wedding of this beautiful couple.

Marbella and Scott had a wedding that many would dream of. I am not kidding it was like a dream! And when I say everything was spot on I am not kidding they thought of everything! They had the perfect venue, the best decorations, and of course the cutest couple! It definitely fits them and who they are as a couple! The venue was a barn so it definitely gave off that rustic vibe. They stayed in cabins and spent time with family and friends before the big day! There were mountains surrounding us and so many great spots for pictures! It was not only a wedding dream come true but a photographer’s dream came true!  

The bride and groom’s suites were beautiful and offered great room for both parties to get ready! The Bride and groom decided to do a first look which was perfect for them. This also allows for a photographer to get their special moment between a bride and groom before they become husband and wife. I think first looks are definitely something for the bride and groom to discuss because there are so many pros to doing a first look! For example, you get to see that person one on one before walking down the aisle and spend more time with them. Plus more time for pictures!!

This beautiful couple had an outdoor ceremony. My favorite part about this ceremony was right before they became husband and wife they participated in a feet cleaning ceremony. This represents the service, humility, and equality that Christians should follow as followers of Christ. So it was really amazing to see that these two incorporated that! Plus, to top it all off, Scott’s mother and father were celebrating their anniversary. So they had Scott’s parents get up and renew their vows after the ceremony! How awesome is that? Celebrating new love and celebrating an anniversary. 

The best part is the weather was beautiful! And the reception was a blast. As always a reception is a great place to add your own touch. So when you are planning your reception think of some great personalized ideas that you can incorporate to represent you and your spouse! Marabella and Scott did just that! The whole day represented who they are as not only a couple but individuals as well. 

Let’s touch on the destination. Many couples are not sure about destination weddings because how are they going to get all of the small details ready and put together when the destination may not be close to where you are now! Do not let that bother you! You will be able to find everything you need for that destination. Plus as a person, I love traveling! So if you ever find yourself looking for a photographer I am your girl! There is no destination too far for me! I am always in for the adventure. 

I want to send my best to Marbella and Scott! This lovely couple will have an adventure of a lifetime! They get to spend forever together cherishing many memories and making memories. I was thrilled to be a part of their big day and I am excited to watch this journey they go on together! 

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