Homestead of Radnor | Hannah & Mason | Wedding

Hannah and Mason had such a sweet wedding! This lovely couple got married at a church in Waldo. They then had their reception at the Homestead of Radnor. These weddings are always nice because they are so close to home, but I love my traveling weddings too! 

This ceremony was so special because the couple read their own vows to each other. Which you’re probably thinking people do that all of the time! However, this time was different. When Hannah and Mason were reading their vows they were each crying. I know many couples do this too, but I think it just goes to show the love they have for one another. 

Now, let’s talk about this reception! Their reception was at the Homestead of Radnor. I love this because it is owned by a local family, The Lehners. Whenever someone books a wedding at this beautiful location you are not just helping yourself you are also helping a sweet family! I love supporting local businesses in my community so why not share a little more about the Homestead of Radnor! It is my favorite location. Did you know that there have been four generations of family to care for the farm? Anyway, if you are looking for a venue check this place out for sure! They offer both indoor and outdoor and seat up to 300 guests. If you need more room no problem they are willing to help accommodate you and your guests! 

I am sure you have heard of the Homestead of Radnor and if you have not gone on over to their website and look at their beautiful scenery! Or even better you can look at these amazing portraits I was able to capture of Hannah and Mason! I do have a funny story for you though so don’t check out too quickly! So right before we took pictures one of the groomsmen ripped his pants! And as I am typing this I can not help but think about that Spongebob episode where he ripped his pants and made almost a whole musical out of it. Anyway, you would have never known he ripped his pants in the pictures. You can’t even tell! Although I did include one picture showing this. haha.

Now, I want to give you a wedding day tip. So I am sure you have planned and you had stressful and overwhelming periods of time while planning for your wedding. What I want you to remember is that this day is all about sharing the love the bride and the groom have for each other. So while you may think you need to entertain your guests the whole evening do not forget to reserve some time for your spouse. A good way to implement this would be to ask your photographer to grab you and your spouse during the reception when it hits “golden hour”. Have your photographer get some pictures and then maybe ask to just have a few minutes to yourselves. By doing this you get beautiful sunset portraits and you get that much-needed time away from the celebration!

I am wishing the best to Hannah and Mason as they get to live happily ever after with each other. They are seriously made for each other. They have fun together and they are always laughing. If I am able to encourage you to add anything to your wedding it would be line dancing! Hannah and Mason were able to incorporate a lot of line dances and I thought it was a nice way to get a lot of people involved. Young and old people are able to learn line dances so it is a nice way to get more people on the dance floor. This was an amazing wedding to get to be a part of! Best of luck to the couple and their future. 

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