Leisure Time Winery | Maddi & Nick | Wedding

Maddi and Nick’s Wedding was gorgeous. They had their wedding at Leisure Time Winery in Napoleon, Ohio. These weddings are always fun because I get to travel to new places and experience new adventures. 

Maddi had an amazing space for getting ready. When you are looking for venues make sure to consider the space to get ready. Especially for the bride and bridesmaids. You want to have enough space for everyone to get ready and you have to have bomb lighting. The venue for this wedding had the best natural lighting for these lovely ladies to get ready! 

Next on the list is the first look. Maddi and Nick decided to do a first look and I am so glad they did. Every couple is different and I love that. These two were perfect for the first look. You could tell how happy they were to see each other. Plus this gives the bride and groom some time to each other before things get crazy. Also, this is a great way to calm any nerves or anxiousness. Just being able to hold your spouse before you say I do can really calm a person! 

Maddi and Nick are seriously so perfect for each other and it shows in the pictures! Their ceremony was absolutely gorgeous, but it was hot. I am so grateful for my second shooter because I thought I was gonna pass out. A second shooter is another person who comes along with the main photographer to help capture pictures. A second shooter does many things. They help take pictures, they help with details, they help with supplies and making sure everything is working right. This helps the main photographer focus on what needs to be done! I definitely think it is very important to have a second shooter. 

As a photographer when you first start out you are still learning people and how to interact with them. Nick has a brother named Matthew and I actually shot his wedding for him and his wife! I love this part of being a photographer because it is not just helping one person and then never seeing them again. What happens is people refer me to their friends and family and I end up seeing past clients again! So next time you are talking to a friend and you are hesitant to tell them about a great experience just remember you are not only helping me out, but you help them out as well. More than likely if a friend or family member recommends someone then they are more comfortable with that person too! Which helps make things much easier! 

Maddi and Nick are so down to earth and I loved being a part of their big day. Their reception was intimate and inviting. The tables and the layout of everything made everyone feel closer together. This also helps people feel invited and loved! Talking about feeling loved Maddi’s mom was her bridesmaid! How sweet is that? There is nothing better than a mother’s love for her child. I think it is so awesome that her mom was able to be up there and play that role in her wedding!

I absolutely adore this wedding and this couple! They are perfect together and so caring for one another. I know they have a bright future ahead. They will make many memories and change many lives with their love! Best of luck to these two in their future of love!

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