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Andrea and Scott had a beautiful engagement session with me! They are such a pleasure to be around and if you read further you will find out why this engagement session was so unique. I have not had a session like it ever!

These two will be getting married in a few weeks. I am so excited to watch these two say I do. Plus this is another wedding that will be local this time even closer to me! They are getting married at the Marion Country Club. This is right in my hometown. I love the trend of people staying local and getting married in their hometown. Even though we may hear negative things about our hometown there is always a positive to find! 

Normally, when I write a blog you will find the location in the first paragraph. However, I had to make an exception this time because this was such a unique location. Andrea and Scott decided to take their engagement photos on their own property. I love this idea and it worked out in their favor because they have beautiful scenery around them. They have flowers on the property and a pond which makes for amazing portraits. Oh and not to mention their beautiful daughter joined in on some pictures as well. I thought this was unique because everyone knows that in life things change. However, one picture can take you back in time and can give you all the memories you will ever need. So if anything changes in their lives they will always have this special memory to look back on.

Want a tip? Clean your ring! I know the session is about the couple and the majority of your pictures will reflect that. But it is nice to get pictures of the small details too! So as a photographer what I like to do is pick some nice flowers to put the ring with and take photos. You get a session of you and your loved one and your ring will get its own mini session! Haha, how great is that?! The reason I do this is that the ring is an important part of the couple as well. When your significant other pops the question they present you with a ring. This ring is to represents the never-ending cycle of commitment and love you will soon make to one another. It represents unconditional love and so much more! So I definitely think the ring qualifies for pictures too!

Anyway, I am so excited and I can not wait for Andrea and Scott’s big day at the Marion Country Club. I know these two have a bright and fun-filled future ahead of them! I am excited to see how they put their own personal touch on their wedding. Plus who wouldn’t want to celebrate two people coming together in love!

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