South Ridge Baptist Church | Esther & Jeremy | Wedding

This wedding was another fun and new adventure. This wedding was at South Ridge Baptist Church in Conneaut, Ohio. It was small and intimate which was perfect for this couple! Esther and Jeremy are so adorable and I am excited to share their big day with you.

To start the day off I captured pictures of the details. It is very important to remember to capture all of the small details you can. I think details are important. So in the future, the couple can look back and remember the small things! Esther and Jermey had such beautiful details. They were simple and elegant. Every item they chose matched who they were as a couple perfectly!

Now it was time to get ready. I was able to capture pictures of the bride and groom getting ready. I love capturing these pictures. It is so amazing to watch the progression throughout the day. You get to start with each bride and groom getting ready. Throughout the pictures, you can see how they progress. I love going through and seeing how the hair changes throughout the pictures and how they go from their clothes to their wedding attire. I love seeing this progression because as you go through the pictures and you get to the ones where they are ready it is like wow! That was an amazing process.

After everyone was ready the bride and her father did a first look. This was also private. I enjoy it when a father and daughter do this. I think it gives them both time to take in what is happening. This father is getting ready to give his little girl away to another man. This man will then be who she needs to protect her or even just her shoulder to lean on. Not that her dad will not be there anymore, but this will no longer be his role. It will become her husband’s role. After the father-daughter first looked the bride and groom did a first look. I enjoyed this as well because I think it gives the couple that time to breathe. It also gives them alone time together.

Then the ceremony. It was a beautiful ceremony. I experienced something new at this wedding! The bride had some of her family sing! How cool is that? Not only will she always remember that, but so will they! They will remember being a part of the big day! Something else I enjoyed was when the bride and groom sang. A little into the ceremony the bride and groom sang together and it was beautiful! Then, soon after, they were announced, husband and wife. Now it is time for the reception.

Esther and Jeremy had their reception right at the church so we did not have to travel after the ceremony. Esther and Jeremy decided that instead of a cake they were going to do a cheesecake. Boy oh boy was it delicious! Probably the best cheesecake I have ever had. It was so beautiful and you could tell it was fitting for them. Now, while everyone was at the reception Esther and Jeremy did something pretty cool. They had everyone in the room stand up and then Esther’s dad would announce years. You were to stay standing if you had been married for 10 years, 20 years, and so on. Then, whoever was the last couple standing received the bouquet. I think they reached 60 years of marriage. How amazing is that? 60 years!

After the reception, the bride and groom had a send-off! As the family lined up and down the side of the walkway with glow sticks the groom and bride were getting ready to end their night. They were off to their honeymoon and I am sure they were ready to enjoy each other! It was a beautiful wedding. I wish my best to the couple as they join each other in this new adventure.

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