Holcomb Gardens | Rachel & Landon | Engagement Session

I had a super fun engagement session this week! I was able to travel to Indianapolis to take pictures of Rachel and Landon at Holcomb Gardens. It was such a fun experience and I loved that I was able to travel. This engagement session was a little different than my normal engagement session. Read more to find out why!

Rachel and Landon picked a beautiful garden to have their engagement session at. It was so dreamy and had a wide variety of scenery. I thought the garden was kind of cool because it was right next to Butler University! Can you imagine going to school and being so close to this beautiful scenery? I also enjoyed this session because it was a nice change in pace. It always inspires me to adventure to new places.

I was so excited to shoot a session that was out of town. I am always up to travel for my couples. So if you know anyone who needs a photographer and lives out of town let me know! I would love to travel and experience new things. Fun fact, I got to bring my fiancé along with me! We made a little trip out of it and that was fun! This couple was so awesome and I am so grateful they did not mind that my fiancé joined. I had to remind myself a few times that I need to focus and take their pictures! We all just hit it off right away and could not stop chatting! They were so easy to get along with!

Also, we may have created a Tik Tok that is to be finished on their wedding day! I like to think I am a pretty fun photographer so I hope you all think so too. Even though this Tik Tok and their engagement session took place in Indianapolis their wedding will be in Ohio. So I will not be traveling out of state or their wedding! I am so excited for their big day. Also, I am pretty excited to finish that Tik Tok too! Best of luck to these two as they finish planning the details of their wedding!

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