Gallant Woods Park | Courtney & Austin | Engagement Session

The engagement session this week was with Courtney and Austin. The couple decided to hold their engagement session at Gallant Woods Park in Delaware, Ohio. Gallant Woods is a wonderful location to have an engagement session! I am excited for these two to get married!

Courtney and Austin have been preparing for their big day! They were both recently at a wedding this past weekend. It also just happened to be a wedding I was shooting. They were so helpful to both parties. They helped the bride with whatever she needed and did the same for the groom! I think it is important to attend other weddings or even just look ideas up online! You never know when inspiration is going to strike!

I want to talk to you guys about engagement sessions and their importance. First let’s start with something you’re going to like! When you hire me to be your wedding photographer your engagement session comes included in the wedding package! That’s definitely a perk! Next, it is important to have an engagement session with your wedding photographer. This is important because it allows me to meet the lovely couple and get to know them both. It also helps me learn how comfortable they both are in front of the camera. That’s not all though, it also allows the couple to warm up to me as well. 

Let’s move on to being comfortable in front of the camera. In my last blog I touched base on this. So I want to bring that back and reiterate. When you schedule an engagement session it allows you as a couple to see how being in front of a camera feels. It also allows you to feel what it will be like to be the center of attention on your big day. I know I know, who doesn’t love being the center of attention right! However, some people would prefer not to be the center of attention and that is okay! Everyone is different and that is what makes every wedding so beautiful and unique. An engagement session is just another way to help prepare you for your day!

You can tell Courtney and Austin are ready for their big day! I am sure after helping at the wedding the anticipation has set in. Their day will be here before they know it and then it will be their turn to have people helping them! I wish these two the best on their journey together!

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