Deer Haven Preserve | Hannah & Mason | Engagement Session

Hello everyone! This week I bring you another engagement session. However, this engagement session has a few pretty cool details! Hannah and Mason had their engagement session at Deer Haven Preserve in Delaware, Ohio. I enjoyed capturing the love these two have.

Have you ever wonder how I got started with weddings? Or maybe who was the first wedding I shot!? Well, Mason’s sister was the first wedding I shot! How cool is that?! Let me tell you a little back story! Emily and Nick, Mason’s sister and brother-in-law got married at a church and then had their reception at the Homestead of Radnor. The reason I shared this with you is that these are the same places that Hannah and Mason will be getting married and celebrating. I just think this is so cool. It is exciting to know that they will all get to share this with their families for many years to come.

These two are naturals! From the moment the session started to the very end they were themselves. You may think everyone is natural in front of the camera, but that is not quite true. Some people are not comfortable with being in front of the camera and that is okay! Then, sometimes you have other couples who just need a few minutes to warm up! However, these two were 100% ready and it showed! When someone is not comfortable with being in front of the camera it just means I have to encourage and hype them up more! Which is 100% okay. I love doing that. Then you have other people who were born to be in the spotlight! In your case, it doesn’t matter which type of person you are because I promise I will encourage you no matter what!

Hannah and Mason are so much fun to be around. They were laughing and just having a good time. This made their session a blast! They are also very thoughtful. Before our engagement session, Hannah and Mason went to Cane’s. Yum! While they were at Cane’s they were thinking of me because they got me a lemonade! Anyone who knows me knows I love juice! And let’s just be honest you can not beat that Cane’s lemonade! So not only are they fun to be around but they are also sweet, kind, and caring! Oh, and fun fact, they are serving Cane’s at their wedding!

I am looking forward to Hannah and Mason’s big day! These two radiate so much happiness that when you walk into a room with them you are happy too! This will make for so much fun at their wedding. I am so thrilled to have met these two. Also, I am super excited to be involved with not only their engagement session but their wedding as well.

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