Gallant Woods Park | Rachel & Ryan | Engagement Session

Rachel and Ryan are a thrill to be around. I enjoyed capturing their engagement session at Gallant Woods Park in Delaware, Ohio. Their session was different from my other sessions. Most couples go for the fall or springtime to do their engagement sessions. However, Ryan and Rachel had a different plan. I loved it!

Rachel and Ryan were not like my other engagement sessions. At other engagement sessions, the weather is warmer and the sun is shining, sometimes. However, Rachel and Ryan wanted their session to be in the snow! How exciting! I know I know most of you are thinking we are crazy for being out in the cold, but when it comes to engagement and wedding sessions, I do what the couple wants! Plus, it was not that cold. You are probably thinking, What Sierra, there is SNOW on the ground! I promise you we were able to get through the session. And the weather was not as cold as it looks. It was perfect for this beautiful couple.

I love that we were able to capture these memories with snow in the background. Many of you you would never dream of having your pictures in the snow. And that’s okay! However, I think the snow is symbolic. When you think of marriage people expect to see this perfect relationship. But that is not always the case. That is where the melting of the snow comes in. The melting of the snow represents the hardships couples have to go through. For instance, living together, raising children and choosing which side of the bed! When the snow melts that is where the beauty comes in. Without the hardships, couples would not grow and learn from each other and with each other. So I like to think the snow represents marriage. The beauty we see on the outside, but then the hardships we go through behind closed doors as a couple.

I am beyond thrilled to watch these two become one. One thing I loved about this session is that I used to cheer with Rachel! How cool is that!? I am grateful for my clients like Rachel. It is always fun to reconnect with old friends. It is even more fun to be a part of their big day! I enjoyed reconnecting with Rachel and getting to meet her husband to be! It is an honor that Rachel & Ryan trusted me with these precious memories. I am so excited for their big day!

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