Four Seasons Barn | Isabel & Michael | Wedding

My first wedding of the season was April 3, 2021. The wedding took place at Four Seasons Barn in Cardington, Ohio. The venue opened last year and is a beautiful place to get married. It was fun, exciting, and I even experienced something new. This location was perfect for Isabel and Michael. 

So I know you are all dying to know what was going down behind the scenes. Especially during my first wedding of the season. And I will be the first to tell you that not all weddings go down exactly how we plan or want them to.  Also, you may want to sit down for this one! Alright, here goes nothing. On the day of Isabel and Michael’s wedding, I had the craziest, most unexpected thing happen. I BROKE my glasses! I do not know how this happened. Anyway, I seriously can not see without those things, but I knew the day had to go on! So I did what I had to do. Plan B of course! Did you think I was going to leave the wedding? No silly, I grabbed my prescription sunglasses and went on to capture these precious memories. 

The day started with many pictures. First, I started with the details. During this time, I like to gather small details. I will take the bride’s shoes, ring, flowers, and so on to capture a simple photo. Next, I take pictures of the bridesmaids getting ready alongside the bride. Talking about details, the bridesmaids had the most dazzling dresses. They all had the same color but different styles. I enjoy this because it allows the person wearing the dress to express themselves as well. Last but not least. The groom and groomsmen. I was excited for this one picture in particular. So I had the groomsmen pick up the groom and throw him into the air! I loved it! Now that everyone was ready to go, it is off to the ceremony!

The ceremony was elegant. It was time for Isabel and Michael to say I do! They had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony! The weather came prepared for a wedding. It was a little chilly at first, but it warmed up quickly. The sun was out and shining. That was all we could ask for. Isabel and Michael decided to do communion during their ceremony. I thought this was a great way to include what they believe in. I think it was pretty awesome of them to have a ceremony: where loved ones gathered around and celebrated them all while giving the glory back to God! When the ceremony was over, we headed off for more pictures!

After the ceremony: is when the majority of the pictures happen. Pictures of the bride and groom, of the wedding party, of the groom and bride with their families, and well, you get the idea. So the pictures went amazing! I know you are thinking, there is no way that is possible. However, it is possible! Isabel and Michael were able to get their pictures as well as family formal pictures without any problems. I was impressed. During these pictures, some people are just thinking about that delicious food. However, that was not the case for Michael and Isabel! Their families and wedding party were very understanding. That made my job very easy. 

Toward the end of the evening, I captured the couple and snuck them out of their reception. I know you are thinking how dare I, but I had to capture some sunset pictures! The sunset was beautiful. And you know me I could not pass up that opportunity! Don’t worry though I only had them for ten minutes. Plus, I was hoping this gave them some time to decompress and be with one another during that moment. I don’t even think anyone realized they were gone! Everyone was too busy eating that delicious cake: which was hard to eat because it was so stunning! 

Now we have come to the end of the night, send-off. This was the new experience I was talking about! They did a send-off with Chinese lanterns. It was the most amazing, captivating, and exciting thing ever. I have not ever seen this done at a wedding before. Oh my goodness! I almost forgot! Do you remember that box step I taught them during their engagement session? Well, they performed it gracefully during their first dance! Wow, I am in awe of this wedding. I can not believe that it was my first one of the season! It is an honor to have been a part of their day. I wish the best to the new Mr. and Mrs. on their journey of marriage.

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