Cincinnati Church Wedding | Lizzy & Sam

Lizzy and Sam had a beautiful spring wedding in Cincinnati, Ohio. The flowers were blooming, their colors matched perfectly with the spring esthetic, and the weather was beautiful. I enjoy watching couples put their spin on a wedding season! I love watching the colors come together as well as all of the small touches that go into making this day perfect. I love spring weddings. They have all of these pastels along with light and airy colors and decorations. Plus we get nice beautiful blooming flowers, pretty weather, and perfect temperatures. I know some worry about rain on their wedding days but let’s be honest sometimes the rain adds the perfect touch too! 

Lizzy and Sam had an adorable ceremony in Cincinnati. The whole time writing this blog the song “Chapel of Love” by the Dixie Cups was on repeat in my head. If you have never heard of it please go listen to it! If they were to ever release a new music video for that song it should just be Lizzy and Sam’s wedding day! The song and their day are a perfect match just like Lizzy and Sam! The lovely couple held their ceremony at Old Armstrong Chapel in Cincinnati, Ohio! It was like watching a scene out of a Hallmark movie. When you get married at this chapel you get the privilege to ring the church bell after the ceremony. Lizzy and Sam were so excited to do this. They both said it was something they were looking forward to. This little white Chapel was the best. 

The reception was held at the Woman’s Art Club Center in Mariemont, Ohio. This barn was formally known as Resthaven Barn Circa 1924. The Barn was part of a “social experiment conceived by Mary Emery and designed by Hubert Reeves, to build pensioners’ cottages, a demonstrations dairy farm, a hospital, and a convalescent home for retired employees of Emery industries. She called it her Garden of Rest and named the area Resthaven.” Due to the Great Depression and Mrs. Emery’s death in 1927, this plan did not follow through. There are only two things that remain from this today and that is the hospitals and the barn. I love learning the history behind buildings like this! I think this is so cool to know that this was one of the original buildings that Mrs. Emery imagined in her Garden of Rest. To top it all off, Lizzy and Sam can now say they are a part of the Barn’s history as well. This beautiful historical building offered beautiful scenery where we were able to capture gorgeous portraits right outside of the venue due to the natural and authentic look of the barn. 

Now, that we have learned about the barn a little bit I would love to dive deeper into speeches. You may not think speeches are important or that they are boring but I would love to give you another point of view. Speeches allow 1 to 2 people who are close to the couple to share insight on the bride and groom. These speeches may be funny or sad but no matter what the sentiment the speeches are a must in my eyes. A speech from the maid of honor will give you insight into the bride. A maid of honor will share fun memories and sad memories as well as moments that just the two of them share. Allowing you to learn more information about the bride. The same goes for the best man, but most of the time the best man is trying to make us laugh and they normally succeed! I love that too because then we get to see the groom through his best friend’s point of view. If we are lucky enough sometimes we get an embarrassing memory too! Then of course we sometimes have speeches from a parent too. This may be to wish the couple well or even just to share more in-depth about their child. These speeches allow family members and outsiders a front-row seat to the love that the couple has to share with not only each other but those around them as well. So the next time you can’t wait for the speeches to be over just remember someone is sharing their deepest form of love for the bride or groom with you and that is special!

As always all good blogs must come to an end! While I have loved sharing pointers and historical facts with you I am grateful that this beautiful couple, Lizzy and Sam, decided to allow me to share this day with them as well. So here is to Lizzy and Sam may you always reminisce about going to the chapel to get married and cherish each other for the rest of your lives.

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