Breese & Dylan | Destination Wedding New Orleans

When Breese and Dylan asked if I would travel to New Orleans to photograph their wedding I was thrilled! I am always down to travel to new places and experience new adventures. New Orleans is one of their favorite vacation spots. Breese and Dylan have been there multiple times before and I can tell why. It was a beautiful lively place to be especially for a wedding. My wonderful boyfriend, Tyler, traveled with me and was a great assistant. He helped keep me on schedule and made sure I had all of my equipment with me. We flew in and met Breese at the airport while Dylan and the groomsmen were driving from Ohio. They had a 13-hour drive ahead of them. So, Breese picked us up and we headed straight to bourbon street to do a little bit of exploring and enjoy our Friday night. It was so fun to see New Orleans for the first time and enjoy some good food with great company! 

 We then headed back to the lodge which had a pond, pools, lots of open fields and cute A frame cabins, which we stayed in for our trip. The morning of the wedding the family made a huge breakfast for everyone to enjoy before getting the wedding! I thought this was a great way to start the day and what a great way to start a marriage. Prioritizing family time together before a beautiful celebration. We were able to be hands on with their wedding and help them prepare for the big day. We helped them set up their wedding arch, decorations and then I started photographing their details. They had their wedding at a beautiful property on Paloma Lake.

It was really awesome to see all of the things Breese and Dylan incorporated into their wedding day. I thought it was really cool of them to incorporate masquerade masks. It was a perfect fit for a wedding in New Orleans. They also incorporated a giant chess board with giant pieces, and it was so unique. What a great idea to have one of their favorite things to do together at their wedding and share it with their friends and family. We were able to get outside and get some gorgeous sunset pictures, but we were quickly chased back inside. We ended up taking the rest of the pictures inside at the reception because there was an ENORMOUS amount of mosquitos attacking us. I’m talking about swarms and swarms of mosquito’s people. However, this bride and groom did not let that put a damper on their big day. They made the best of it and enjoyed a nice dinner with their closest family and friends. They then cut the cake in the lodge with everyone, and we all got to enjoy it with them.

At the wedding Breese was actually 3 months pregnant. So, we did a few pictures focused on her bump. How awesome is that? She will have those pictures to look back on and remember that on the biggest day of her life she also got to share the love with not only her groom but her sweet baby to be too. Since their wedding they have welcomed their sweet baby, Ella, into this world. I am so honored that I was able to photograph her the day she was born. 

Breese and Dylan have become friends of ours forever. They are just such a great couple and great company to be around. I loved how intimate and special this destination wedding was. I am always looking for my next adventure no matter how far or long it may take for me to get there. What a great way to make new friends and make new memories.   

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