Homestead of Radnor Wedding | Mr. and Mrs. Price

I’ve been really looking forward to writing about Emily and Nic’s Homestead of Radnor wedding day. That morning I had received a phone call from the maid of honor (Sarah Branstetter) saying that the church, along with the rest of Waldo had no power. When my second shooter (Lexi Alexander) and I got to the church we found out another unfortunate event. Emily’s hair and make-up stylist blew a tire on the highway. Emily and her bridesmaids decided to go to Emily’s great-aunt’s house to get their hair and make-up done. By the time we got there, the hair and make-up stylist had arrived as well. At the house, there was an abundance of natural light, which made for beautiful pictures. An hour before the ceremony started the power at the church had come back on.
Emily and Nic decided they wanted to do a first look. I love getting to photograph the groom’s first reaction to his stunning bride. First looks give the couple a special moment to embrace each other on their wedding day. Emily’s favorite part of the day was seeing Nic standing in the center of the church before their first look. Emily said that “Nothing had gone right that morning and I was strangely calm because I knew that at the end of the day we’d be married, and everything would be fine. And to see him standing there ready to see me regardless of what happened that morning made me so at ease and relaxed”. Emily and Nic exchanged sentimental gifts with one another.
Emily and Nic along with guests participated in communion during their ceremony. They were happy to be surrounded by so many friends and family on their special day.


The wedding reception was held at “The homestead of Radnor”.

The wedding reception was held at “The homestead of Radnor”. The location was perfect and made for a beautiful reception. During the reception, they had a caricature artist available for all of the guests. I thought this was neat because it was so different. Nic’s favorite part was the cake cutting. He said “It didn’t feel like we were on display like we had been the rest of the day. And Emily was so funny because she didn’t see the plates under the napkins, so she just picked the cake up with her hand and handed me a piece and put frosting on my nose”. Emily got Nic a cheesecake because she knew it was his favorite, I thought that was so sweet.

I loved being able to capture all of these beautiful moments on Emily and Nic’s special day. Congrats again Mr. and Mrs. Price!


Champagne Toast at Homestead of Radnor wedding.Bride and groom smile at each other at Homestead of Radnor wedding. Bride at Homestead of Radnor wedding.