Hope Cabins and Banquet Wedding | Mr. and Mrs. Holtz

With school, photography, and the holidays, I am just now getting around to writing Casey and Nathan’s blog about their Hope Cabins and Banquet wedding. I am so excited to share it with you all.


“Casey and Nathan’s Hope Cabins and Banquet wedding was a beautiful autumn affair”

Casey and Nathan’s wedding day took place at Hope Cabins and Banquet in Galion, Ohio. It was a beautiful location for this couple and it had an Autumn feel to it.

Casey’s mom helped Casey put on her wedding dress. This was a very special moment because it allowed them to take a second out of this big day to embrace one another and their mother/daughter relationship. Usually putting on the dress is very chaotic, but this was a moment between just Casey and her mother. I like how Casey did a first look with her bridesmaids. The girls’ reactions were priceless, and I’m sure it is something Casey will never forget. Casey and her dads first look definitely brought on the tears. Casey surprised her dad with a customized tie with a special saying on it. The ceremony was beautiful! Casey and Nathan were joined by many friends and family.

Bride and groom portraits are one of my favorite parts of every wedding. During portraits, it gives the newlyweds a chance to be alone and to cherish one another on their wedding day.

The reception was so much fun! Instead of cake, the couple chose cheesecake. They did a “cake in the face” challenge to see who would earn the most money, resulting in the winner getting to smash cheesecake in the other persons face. Casey was the winner, so Nathan was the one covered in cheesecake.

Congrats to Casey and Nathan on their marriage. I wish them a lifetime of happiness and love.