Meeker’s Venue | Lauren & Cole | Wedding

Lauren and Cole had their wedding at Meeker’s Venue in Delaware, Ohio. Watching these two getting to say I do was absolutely beautiful. These two could not have picked a better place to say I do. The venue and the decorations matched their personalities perfectly! Keep reading to find out more about this amazing couple and venue. 

Let’s start off by talking about the lovely couple! Lauren and Cole are seriously the best people you could ever meet. They are both so easy to get along with and they are so kind and supportive. I am sure their families play a big role in being supportive because the family seemed so supportive and loving as well. It was so great getting to work with not only this couple but their family too!  They were all so easygoing that they made my job a breeze! 

This was probably the cutest first look I have ever seen. You can definitely tell the love that these two have for each other. I think it is amazing to see how couples react during the first look. I think that this is probably one of my favorite moments because it is in this moment where you see the love the bride and groom have for each other. It is like watching a fairy tale. I think it is important for couples who are hesitant to do a first look to know that you will want those pictures. It is such a special memory.

I have been dying to share with you more about their venue because let me tell you it was definitely one I have been dying to shoot at! The venue they picked was  Meeker’s Venue in Delaware, Ohio. Now, what makes this venue special is its hidden treasure. So when you first look at the building it looks like a church, but once you enter it is a full wedding venue. It will take your breath away every single time. Oh, and the best part is the bell tower!  The bell tower looks like something you would see in a movie. The venue was stunning and of course, Lauren and Cole looked like models. 

Time for the reception. One part of the reception I loved was the introductions. The whole wedding party got an introduction as well as the bride and groom. The song that they walked into was from Jim and Pam’s Wedding from the show “The Office”. If you have ever seen this show you could only imagine how entertaining this was. Two of the bridesmaids created a rap for Lauren and Cole and performed it as their speech. They used the Fresh Prince of Bel-air song and changed the lyrics to be all about Lauren and Cole’s love story. Another interesting part of the reception was Lauren’s parents. Lauren decided that she wanted to surprise her parents with something special. So after Lauren and Coles first dance, her mom and dad’s wedding song started playing so they got their own little spotlight!

After the reception, it was time for the send-off. Many brides and grooms will do a send-off after the reception. This is a way for the guests to gather around at the end of the festivities to send off the newlyweds. Lauren and Cole decided to do a sparkler send-off! It was the perfect night for these two. Everything seemed like it was right out of a catalog. I wish these two the best on their new adventure together! 

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