Hiring a Photographer for your Proposal

Have you ever thought about hiring a photographer for your proposal? If you answered yes to that question the next one you probably have is how do I get my significant other to set it up? Or maybe how do I set this up? Well we are going to get into all of the details and plus sides of having a photographer for your proposal! I very recently went through this process myself as I just got engaged a few weeks back! I had just mentioned to my boyfriend that it was very important to me to have someone takin pictures during the proposal. I wanted to cherish these memories forever and what’s a better way than looking back on pictures and reliving the moment? I would suggest bringing it up casually in conversation to your significant other and express how important it is to you! There are plenty of people who want their engagement photographed, as a photographer it was a must for me but I think even if I wasn’t I would still want a photographer! My boyfriend did a great job by hiring my sweet photographer friend Emily Metcalf! Go check out her photography page here!

If you’re the one proposing hiring a photographer is super easy and they may even help you out if you need planning ideas. They can also help calm any nerves when it comes to proposing to the love of your life! Maybe you don’t know where to start? Your photographer will be able to help you choose a good location, the time of day, and just overall help to make the day run smoother and give your significant other a proposal she will remember forever! I have actually photographed a proposal myself and it is so much fun! I found myself hiding behind a tree until he got down on one knee and I ran out to get the perfect shot!

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