Complimentary Engagement Session

Have you ever wondered why some photographers offer a complimentary engagement session when you book a wedding with them? Although there are many different reasons as to why photographers choose to offer this service, I’d like to go into detail explaining as to why I participate in this fun practice! For some people being in front of a camera just comes natural and for others it can take some time to get used to. The engagement session is the perfect chance to become more comfortable with being photographed before the big day! Along those same lines it is so important that I can build a relationship and hopefully a friendship with the couple that I will be photographing on their wedding day. The engagement session gives us extra time to get comfortable with each other and when you’re more relaxed in front of the camera the pictures always turn out better!

I like to think of the engagement session as a pre wedding in the terms of poses! The newly engaged couple may not have been photographed together before and learning each other, while taking direction from a photographer can be stressful and you definitely do not need any more stress on your wedding day! It will make the wedding day run so much smoother if you are already familiar with being in front of the camera and familiarity with the poses I may put you in! An obvious reason being that the engagement period is so very important that is where you are doing all of the wedding planning! Why wouldn’t you want this time period of your life documented as well and what better way than pictures you can look back on forever! An added bonus for the bride is that your engagement session can be used as a trial run for your hair and make-up for your wedding day! This is the perfect opportunity simply because you may love your hair and make up during the trial run in person but who’s to say that you’ll like the way it photographs? The most important reason of all to have an engagement session wrapped into my wedding day bundle is that it is fun! You get to capture your everyday love for each other, in normal clothing, just the two of you, and no expectations! It’s a time that you just get to enjoy each others presence and document the love you share!

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