2020 Year in Review

I cannot wait to share all of the amazing things I was able to do this year with anyone reading my blog today! This has been a crazy year for everyone, and we have all been affected in different ways. As we’re moving into 2021 I just want to reflect on all the good that has come out of this wild year! Sharing all of the positive things that I have done, the beautiful people I’ve photographed, places I’ve traveled, and what’s been going on in my personal life! I was so thankful to be able to take an “off season” at the beginning of 2020 who knew what this year would turn into then! I enjoyed some time off and was able to spend some extra time with loved ones, which is always important!

In February I was given the opportunity to travel to Nashville Tennessee for a girl’s trip with my friends Lexi and Meridith. We stayed at the Gaylord hotel and my was it gorgeous! We also had an incredibly special pit stop on this trip and we got to visit my sweet friend Becca who also happens to be a photographer. She recently had her baby and so we loved the baby snuggles! In March I was able to make a trip down to South Carolina where my boyfriend was living at the time. This was right before COVID hit and I am so thankful for this trip because we were able to explore some golf courses and spend extra time together before we would be separated again.

After COVID hit my “off season” happened to get extended a bit longer than what I had anticipated. I wasn’t able to take many pictures or hold sessions during this period trying to stay safe and follow the protocols. This was a trying time for sure because I love my job, getting to know clients and creating something for them that will last forever is one of my favorite things to do! I spent much of my time playing video games such as Animal Crossing, cuddling with my dog K.C., taking naps, Facetiming family members that I wasn’t able to see. It was the hardest to go without seeing my three nephews! Many of the spring weddings that I had on the books were rescheduled or very intimate.

In July I was actually able to take a trip with my family back to South Carolina to visit my boyfriend. We stayed at the Disney resort in Hilton Head, I loved riding biking on the island, a magical twist. I stayed a bit longer in SC than my family did to spend some extra time with Dustin. I was also able to meet up with a local photographer in Bluffton, SC to talk all things Photography. I love being able to expand my network and make new friends that have similar interests! I even got to hold a styled shoot while I was there too! My friend Miranda and I swapped some headshots of each other that morning on the beach and held the shoot in Mount Pleasant, SC at The Exchange Wedding Venue! Talk about a busy day! To finish my trip off I got to explore the city of Charleston on one of the days Dustin worked!

As the summer months moved in I was able to hold some weddings and it felt great to get back into it! In August I hosted another styled shoot; it was located at Hopesewee Plantation in Georgetown, SC. The absolute definition of a southern styled shoot! After all of the work comes a little play right?? I then got to go to Disney World for my birthday with Dustin. We were a little reserved about going during the pandemic and all but Disney staff was amazing about following all of the protocols! Masks were required, everything was cleaned and sanitized regularly, plus they limited the capacity which made us feel more at ease! I have been to Disney many times in my life but I have to say that this one was easily my favorite! It was amazing to spend my 23rd birthday at Magic Kingdom. 

In September Lexi and I were able to trade spots and get in front of the camera to capture some headshots of each other while we were in Cincinnati! We really put focus on personalizing them based off of things we enjoy. My favorite picture of the day of me is standing in front of a pink wall eating ice cream, I cannot think of anything more perfect to describe me!  Also during the fall season, we were able to get back into the dance studio and it felt so good to be teaching my kiddos again. Unfortunately, we did have to end our season early because of the virus but I’m hopeful that we’ll get a full season next year! Fall was easily my busiest time when it came to photoshoots and weddings, I am so very thankful that things picked back up and I was able to photograph all of my beautiful clients while following all of the mandates. At the beginning of November Lexi and I were able to attend a styled shoot in downtown Cincinnati at Lytle Park Hotel!

Just before thanksgiving I contracted the virus and had to quarantine! I was super tired and definitely didn’t get as much work done as I thought I might. I would sleep all night, wake up for an hour and go right back to sleep! The littlest of things made me exhausted and short of breath. I had the worst headache of my life and was one of those who lost their sense of smell. There was so much work that I needed to get done but I just couldn’t push through it at that point in time. I ended up hiring an amazing virtual assistant- Alexis and it was the best decision I could have made for my business. I have always been a little weary about outsourcing my work but she has helped me so much with the back end of my business and I am so thankful for all of her help! Thankfully no one else in my family contacted COVID and I am feeling much better! The month of December I decided to take off from working, I didn’t have any weddings so I just wanted to spend time enjoying the holiday season and staying healthy. I had an amazing Christmas and just a few days after my boyfriend proposed! So, I am now engaged and he’s now my finance!! I am over the moon excited and cannot wait to marry this wonderful man. 

I had a total of 10 weddings this year and many photoshoots! I am beyond thankful for each and everyone of my client’s, you guys make it so I get to do what I love! I am so excited for the new year and all of the change that it brings! I hope to photograph both new and familiar faces in 2021!

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