My Why

As a photographer I get asked a lot, “why do you do what you do.” Why am I a photographer? There are so many answers to that question. First of all, let me start by saying I love what I do. I love being able to capture memories and smiles during a photoshoot or wedding. It is such a rewarding job as I’m able to capture moments that people can look back on for the rest of their lives! That is my main reason for being a photographer.

I also love finding the beauty in locations that some people may not see. I am able to fuel my creativeness by creating beautiful pictures and by doing so, it allows me to tell a story. A story of my clients, their lives, personalities, love, and emotions. I have such a passion for photography, but it is more about the people I get to interact with and create relationships with. While there may be struggles and chaos in my life, taking pictures allows me to slow down and just appreciate everything. Photography allows me to be in control and really adjust what is happening. I am inspired by so many things and photographing them just brings me so much happiness.

Photography also makes me grow as a person. I learn so much from it and am continuously improving myself. It also allows me to express myself and share my perspective. By looking at my pictures you are able to see a glimpse of who I am and what I believe in. When I travel, I always bring my camera. I am so interested in different cultures and the different way of life. I am able to take you somewhere that you have never been and through my pictures you can experience travel through my eyes. Wedding photography is probably one of my favorites. It allows me to witness love in so many different aspects and it helps to develop a bigger love for life.

I am so thankful for the chance to do what I love in life, it isn’t common that you find what you are meant to do in life at my age. All I can say is when you know, you know! I am feeling extra grateful around this time of year to have found my calling. Being able to express myself through my camera lens is one of my favorite things. With the holiday season approaching I felt that it was only appropriate to explain my why and what I am most thankful for!

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