August Wedding | Regina & Tyler

Regina and Tyler got married on August 8th. Their wedding was supposed to be in June but they rescheduled it for August because of everything that’s going on. They had a small wedding this year, and next year they’re having a big wedding. When I went to the hotel to take detail pictures, all the girls had matching robes on while getting ready. Each one had their initials on them, they were so cute! Tyler and Regina exchanged gifts and letters before the ceremony. He got her a necklace, and she got him sunglasses and a watch. Emotion is always high during these, and it’s so touching to see! Tyler is the more emotional one of the two, and it showed on their wedding day. After the ceremony, we took bridal party portraits at a very special place. Regina’s family owns Smith’s Restaurant and Deli in Clintonville. It’s right next to Columbus Park of Roses! Their food is amazing and their staff is just as good! It was important to get portraits in front of the restaurant, because the restaurant has been in the family for a long time so it means a lot to them! Regina and Tyler popped a bottle of champagne at the restaurant to celebrate! 
The bridal party took a party bus to each spot, which lets everyone have fun responsibly. The bridal party was so fun! They did not hold back and had an amazing time! The party bus took them to the park of roses, got a few more bridal pictures, then got Tyler and Reginas pictures. The flowers were blooming, and they were absolutely beautiful. The next stop was their house. They wanted a few pictures with their dog. He had the cutest bandana that said “My humans are getting married” He was so good and photogenic! Then they went to the reception in Regina’s parent’s backyard. Backyard receptions are still just as meaningful and special as any other! It’s the bond the couple share and loving support from friends and family that make the reception. At the reception they had a photo-booth, and a lot of other neat details. They cut their wedding cake then Regina surprised Tyler with his own birthday cake. The next day was his 30th birthday! After the celebration, they shared their first dance in front of their family.
Even though this isn’t what they had planned, it was still beautiful and I’m very glad these two are married. Their wedding day was perfect!

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