Shayla & Matthew | Fall Engagement Session

I’m so happy I was able to take Shayla and Matthews engagement pictures! Their engagement session was in Grand Rapids, Ohio and they did two different locations. I love taking pictures in new locations that I’ve never been to, and this day I did twice! Their first location was Providence Metro Park! With all of the trees at the park it made their outfits stand out that much more! Also, I really loved the bridge at the park! There’s just something about taking couple pictures on bridges, I just really love it! Shayla and Matthew took a walk here before and they new this would be the perfect place to take pictures! They were so right! Their second location was downtown Grand Rapids! From the flowers and bridge, to the beautiful brick buildings, to the pond surrounded by stone, I absolutely love this location! They were so many cute little restaurants there as well, it was just so perfect! I can not wait to celebrate and photograph Shayla and Matthew on their wedding day!

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